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Copyrights: Comprehensive Protection for Creative Works Across Various Disciplines

U.S. copyright laws safeguard a diverse array of works, encompassing both fine and useful arts. Copyright protection is automatically granted to original works created in the United States as soon as they are expressed in a tangible form. Consequently, authors of original creations, such as computer programs, books, poetry, photographs, music, paintings, jewelry, and more, acquire copyright ownership upon the materialization of their works.


To enforce copyright rights through federal court action, the circumstances surrounding the creation of the copyrighted work must be formalized and registered. Copyright registration serves as a legal formality intended to establish a public record of the essential facts pertaining to the work.


Copyright registration is both cost-effective and relatively straightforward to obtain. We can assist you in determining the most suitable level of protection for your company's creative assets.

Our Copyright Practice encompasses a wide range of services, including:

  • Registration of copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office: Ensuring the proper documentation and formalization of your copyrighted works.

  • Copyright assignments: Facilitating the transfer of copyright ownership between parties.

  • Publishing contracts: Negotiating and drafting agreements for the distribution and commercialization of copyrighted works.

  • "Fair use" and "works made for hire" ownership issues: Navigating complex copyright ownership scenarios and disputes.

  • Software development and licensing agreements: Crafting agreements for the creation, licensing, and use of copyrighted software.

  • Recording registered copyrights with the U.S. Customs Service: Enhancing enforcement measures to protect against infringement and counterfeit goods.

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