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Technology Transactions & Licensing: 
Comprehensive Expertise and Support

Throughout the entirety of a business lifecycle, transactions involving intellectual property rights and technology inevitably transpire, often shaping the trajectory of a company's growth and success. To ensure the viability and strategic alignment of such transactions, it is crucial to account for a myriad of rights, benefits, restrictions, and protections that govern the use and transfer of these valuable assets. The intricate negotiation process and drafting of agreements necessitate a thorough comprehension of the underlying intellectual property assets, as well as the interests of both the client and the counter-party. It is essential to strike a balance between securing the value of intellectual property and fostering collaboration and innovation, all while adhering to the legal frameworks that govern these complex transactions.

Our Technology Transaction and Licensing Practice encompasses a wide range of services, diligently catering to our clients' needs. Our offerings include:

  • Non-disclosure agreements: Safeguarding sensitive information through legally binding confidentiality arrangements.

  • Intellectual property licensing: Facilitating the authorization and management of IP rights, ensuring lawful usage and protection for all parties involved.

  • Technology services agreements: Structuring and negotiating agreements for the provision of technology-related services, including software development, implementation, and maintenance.

  • Joint development agreements: Collaboratively establishing the framework for joint ventures, partnerships, and shared innovation projects.

  • Intellectual property due diligence: Conducting meticulous assessments of IP assets, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights, to identify potential risks and opportunities.

  • Intellectual property valuation: Evaluating the worth of IP assets, providing essential insight for strategic decision-making, licensing, and sale negotiations.

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