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Patents: Comprehensive Protection for Groundbreaking Innovations

As we progress further into the 21st century, remarkable and innovative advancements in diverse fields such as microelectronics, information technology, DNA research, and nano-electro mechanical systems promise to significantly enhance our quality of life. We have already witnessed the transformation of electric power, mass transportation, and personal communication technologies from mere curiosities into indispensable facets of everyday life. The burgeoning and novel technologies of today are poised to deliver even more astonishing and groundbreaking advancements in the years ahead, presenting unique challenges in the application of mechanics, electronics, physics, chemistry, and biology to realize technology's potential for a better world.


Our clients' trailblazing innovations in these cutting-edge technologies are often regarded as true breakthroughs. By developing a robust and comprehensive patent portfolio, these breakthroughs can be safeguarded from the earliest stages of inception, through market entry, and beyond.

Our Patent Practice offers a wide array of services, including:

  • Patent searching and opinions: Comprehensive analysis and assessment of existing patents and prior art.

  • Validity and infringement opinions: Expert evaluations of potential patent validity and infringement issues.

  • Design-around counseling: Strategic guidance for avoiding potential patent conflicts and creating innovative alternatives.

  • Patent application preparation and prosecution for utility and design (U.S. and foreign): Crafting and managing patent applications to secure intellectual property rights domestically and internationally.

  • Appeals and inter partes review (IPR) proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board: Representation and advocacy in the resolution of patent disputes and challenges.

  • Patent litigation support: Providing expert advice and assistance in the event of patent-related legal disputes.

  • Patent maintenance: Ensuring the ongoing protection and management of patent portfolios throughout their lifecycle.

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